Prince Takes Pictures is a wedding photography business based in Leeds, UK. Prince specialises in weddings, engagments and couples shoots.

Prince Takes Pictures

Prince approached us looking to improve his engagement with their followers as well as attracting new clients. The main goal for this brand was community building and engaging with new potential clients by building brand awareness within the wedding niche on Instagram.

Our solution for this was regular engagement by liking, commenting and interacting with content on Instagram with relevant accounts that we followed as well as discovering new accounts via relevant hashtags. There’s a huge community of wedding related accounts of Instagram which was great for us to take advantage of and interact with these people.

After only one month of our engagement strategy, we improved content interactions by an amazing 582%, total followers by 12.1% and accounts reached by 358%

As one of our very first clients, we are still working together as an ongoing project to increase the brands reach and sales and continue community building.