Bliss & Wick is a small business based in Lincolnshire and specialised in handmade gift self-care sets. Their products are all vegan and cruelty-free, and range from scented candles to face masks and even organic oils.

Bliss & Wick

With a desire to refresh their Instagram feed and elevate their content, we have helped Bliss & Wick to use their platform to its maximum potential and bring in new sales. We have worked with the company to design a tailored strategy: creating aesthetic feed posts and stories, setting up an engagement strategy, as well as optimising their bio, and building a strong hashtag game plan. 

The results have been remarkable: Their stories’ views almost doubled during their first month working with us, while both their follower count and engagement have been paying off and converting customers. We have also seen an increase of 15% in their reach in less than a month!